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Shaping 5G technology in rural communities

The UK government announced the winners of a £25 million competition to pave the way for a future rollout of 5G technology
Agri-Tech visit Paraguay

Improve efficiency at one of the largest farms in Paraguay with British technology

Agri-EPI Centre has been awarded funding to establish a pilot Agri-Tech demonstration facility in Paraguay
Agri-EPI Centre

Research in sheep production at Conon Brae Farms

Conon Brae Farms came on board as a satellite farm in 2017
queens anniversary prize

Agri-Tech partners winners of Queen’s Anniversary Prize

Agri-EPI Centre works very closely with leading UK academic institutions Cranfield University, Harper Adams University and Scotland’s Rural College. We are happy to announce...
agri-epi centre

Improving farmers' livelihoods through better rice varieties

Working on improvement of food security and livelihoods for international development

Agri-EPI and China Rural Development Centre (CRTDC) Collaboration

An Agri-EPI team, led by Agri-EPI Chair (Willie Thomson) CEO (Dave Ross) and Business Manager (Claire Lewis), have recently returned from a Science and Innovation Network facilitated visit to China.
Agri-EPI Centre

Dawnfresh, signing up to the Agri-EPI centre Satellite farm network

Stephen Burns (Senior Project Manager) had a great visit to Loch Etive a few weeks ago.

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